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New Macbook Airs Coming Soon!

According to a reliable leak, Apple is gearing up to launch updates across its Macbook Air lineup and sources say that the leak is 100% confirmed. This would be a timely update considering the last refresh was way back in December 2010.

The first batch of many will be around 400,000 units, and the most notable change of the new notebook will be Intel’s 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture. The Intel chips will utilize the ultra low voltage Core i5 and Core i7 chips, which feature between 3MB and 4MB of Smart Cache.

The new laptops will support a max of 8GB of internal memory, and the leak backs up an expected June launch of the Sandy Bridge laptops which were anticipated back in February.

Aside from the hardware element, the new Macbook Airs will probably feature a slightly different design than before, and we may see more Thunderbolt ports than before. Stay carefully tuned in next week for an official statement from Apple.

The timing of these new Macbooks are perfect for those looking to get adjusted to a new computer before going Back To School. Check out the video below to learn more about the current generation of Macbook Airs.

Photo Courtesy of gracie
Photo Courtesy of veloro