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Computers The Size Of Routers: Syx Venture M220

The Syx Venture M220 desktop PC is ideal for those who need a rock solid computer, but don’t want a huge tower at (or under) their desk. I feel that mini PCs are underrated, simply due to their novel presence on the computing market.

Rest assured, however, that the M220 is no lightweight. The computer ships with 2GB of RAM but can support as much as 4GB of DDR3 RAM. It comes pre-loaded with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit and six USB 2.0 ports to ensure that all your peripherals stay connected.

The computer itself has an audio out, line in, VGA, HDMI port, and 320GB of storage to handle all your files and applications.

Running on an Intel Atom D525 processor, this machine roars at 1.8GHz, and supports a blazing fast connection with Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps) and WiFi 802.11n if you rather not ‘hardwire’ it to the wall.

This machine is ideal for browsing, productivity apps such as Word and Excel, and some light online gaming such as through Games.com. The best part of this entire package is that it only uses up 65 watts per hour, substantially less than a higher end 500watt or 800watt full featured desktop computer. In a time of “less is more”, wouldn’t you want this little machine by your side?

Photo Courtesy of highspeedbackbone
Photo Courtesy of highspeedbackbone