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Twitter Sues Twiter.com For Deception

It’s not unusual to hear about similar-sounding domain names to exist, but Twiter.com is one that, not only sounds similar to the service but offers a similar service, seeking to trick people into giving personal information about themselves.

The faux site doesn’t download any malicious software to the victim’s computer but instead gathers information after users sign up. Also, once the user has signed up, offers are then made for free “prizes” such as iPads and Macbooks, and continue to spam the heck out of whoever signed up.

Twitter has thus filed a case with the World Intellectual Property Organization over the deception. This is the second suit Twitter has filed since twittersearch.com back in 2010. Hopefully Twitter is successful in the case and is able to clear its name, at least for the less knowledgeable about computers and social media.

As far as I can see, it looks like the fake twitter, twiter.com has been pulled off the web, at least for now. I wonder if the real Twitter will seek any damages from the fake site or if the company will just be content with a URL removal. In either case, we’ll keep you posted if anything major happens. Here’s a cool commercial on the real deal.

Photo Courtesy of williamedia
Photo Courtesy of laughingsquid