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Anonymous Hackers Demand Federal Reserve Chair To Resign

If you’ve kept up with news, you’ll know that despite the arrests made towards the Anonymous Hacking group, they’ve successfully hacked many websites, from Sony databases, to Nintendo, to PBS, from America to India, they have proven their skills.

After seeing the type of damage the Anonymous Hacking group is capable of with the tragic Sony attacks, the Federal Reserve has good reason the be worried. The group of hackers request that Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve’s chairman, step down.

Anonymous also said that starting on June 14th tomorrow, it will begin “operation Empire State rebellion.” According to UberGizmo, the group accuses the Federal Reserve of making tens of millions of people poor and accuses the organization of crimes against humanity.

We will have to wait and see whether the Federal Reserve takes this seriously, although I do not anticipate him to resign from such a threat. Assuming that the anonymous hacking group goes through with the threat, we will report any attacks that occur to the Federal Reserve. There is not much more to speculate on this matter, but check out the video posted by the group to see the latest in cyber terrorism.

Photo Courtesy of talkmedia
Photo Courtesy of imaffo