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Army Sniper For Android, Check It Out!

As a gamer, I find it quite hard to find shooter games on the Android platform. I think it’s because shooting games are touted to be ideal for 3D graphics and therefore most people enjoy first-person shooters on consoles such as the Xbox360 or the PlayStation 3.

But why does all shooting have to be three-dimensional with top-of-the-line graphics? Can’t I enjoy some 2D sniping once in a while? With Army Sniper, a new Android game, I can. Army Sniper’s main objective are to simply snipe terrorists. To move the sniper scope to your target, the user must tilt the Android tablet or Android phone and press a button to shoot.

As you can guess, the graphics are a lot better than what many of us are used to from older 2D shooting games. While the music isn’t the coolest, you can always mute it and play Pandora (Internet music radio) in the background.

There are three different difficulties which allows the player to change the setting once he or she gets a better hang of the system. You can download the app today, for free, from the Android Market or through this link. Check out the video below for a video review of the game.

Photo Courtesy of Masaru
Photo Courtesy of mateus