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New CAM Storage Is Much Faster Than Any SSD

Before solid-state drives came around, data storage on PCs happened at a relatively slow pace using traditional hard disk drives which utilize a spinning disk between 3,800 RPM (less common) to 7,200 RPM (more common). Although solid state technology is faster and more reliable than hard drives, it’s still nothing compared to the speed of RAM (Random Access Memory).

With this in mind, NEC developed a new Content Addressable Memory (CAM) system that stores data without using any power. The new CAM modules are as fast as RAM modules, making it a top contender for future technology around the globe.

NEC worked with Tohoku University to develop the new technology. The CAM uses spintronics to store data on a circuit. Spintronics is an emerging technology that exploits the intrinsic spin of the electron as well as its magnetic moment, and is considered cutting edge technology.

NEC plans on perfecting this technique to speed up data retrieval while cutting down power consumption (since no power is required). If NEC is successful in its development, the fasts SSDs that are currently on the market will flop to the side. You can expect RAM drives to be a common storage solution in 2014 if all goes well, allowing for PCs to instantly turn on.

Photo Courtesy of geek
Photo Courtesy of carlos