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Facebook Loses 7.5M Users In U.S. And Canada

For the first time in Facebook history, the social media giant is actually losing customers at high numbers. Facebook lost six million users in the United States last month, dropping from 155 million to 149 million. It also lost an additional 1.52 million users in Canada, an 8% decrease.

Fortunately, growth was still up about 2% from growth in Mexico and Brazil but the fact that the numbers are taking a dive for Americans and Canadians seem a bit strange. Do you think people finally realized the toll Facebook took on privacy? Were they tired of having their friends know every little profile change and update about them?

Facebook questions whether the data is really accurate and if the data relies on Facebook’s broadly defined statistics. The company also noted that it may be just a seasonal thing, but I don’t think college students cancel their social media accounts when summer hits, especially since they would have more free time on their hands for services like Facebook and Twitter.

If you ask me, I think it’s a mixture of two factors, 1) Facebook is a slowly dying trend that had a good run and 2) People are tired of letting their entire network know about the tiny nuances of their lives. I mean, remember when Myspace was booming? But look at the company today, nobody even talks about Myspace anymore. It has passed its prime, and Facebook may be going over the hill too.

Photo Courtesy of jdl
Photo Courtesy of egg