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Sanyo’s New Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

While Sanyo has been selling its Eneloop rechargeable batteries for a long time, the company recently unleashed its new Eneloop Pro batteries, featuring a power capacity that is 25% greater than previous batteries.

Rather than going through cases of batteries in a year’s time, rechargeable batteries offer the savings, convenience, and environmental awareness needed to keep the planet green. Sanyo recommends using these new batteries for “high drain” devices such as digital cameras or flashlights.

Another one of Sanyo’s new batteries, the Eneloop Plus battery offers an overheat function that prevent any damage to the batteries or the device when temperatures get too hot.

Sanyo also offers its Wireless charging carrying case to recharge the batteries, the high tech way. The new Pro batteries are currently scheduled to hit Japan on July 21st and are AA-sized.

The Plus version, offering the overheat protection, is due on December 1st of this year, and we have no idea what’s up with the delay. I mean, who cares about overheating during Winter time anyways? Let us know what you think of these stylish, black colored rechargeable batteries? Listen to the video below to hear an expert on batteries discuss the current generation of Eneloop batteries.

Photo Courtesy of slashgear
Photo Courtesy of msk