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Sharkoon Unleashes 128GB USB Drive

I remember having a 32MB memory stick way back in 2002 that I used to store 6 or 7 songs in my PDA. I would swap out the music on a nightly basis and have 6 new tunes to listen to the next day and this is how I enjoyed my music without having to lug a bulky CD player and a CD binder around.

Sharkoon has just released a 64GB and 128GB USB drive. The USB keys offer an ultra fast read/write speed of 200MB/s over 120MB/s and run on MLC architecture.

The Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Ultimate uses a single chip USB 3.0 controller and four 8-channel controlled MLC storage cells. The memory stick is composed of a high quality black aluminum case and a loop to hook onto your keychain. To put the storage capacity into perspective, 128GB can fit 32 HD movies or about 10 of the latest first-person shooter PC games.

Besides the awesome storage capacities, the memory stick is compatible with Windows XP and up, Linux, and Mac OS 10 and up. You can purchase the 64GB model for $199 or the 128GB model for $330, making it one key set you don’t want to lose!

Photo Courtesy of HotHardware
Photo Courtesy of neuner