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Xbox360 Gets A New Processor

The Xbox360 250GB slim models are getting a new processor to keep up with the current demanding games. Microsoft stated that the new chips will reduce heat output and manufacturing costs, as well as improve gameplay.

The new chip won’t be anything fancy, just an upgrade to the current System-on-Chip processor that combines the GPU, CPU, memory, and I/O logic onto a single chip. The company claims that they have taken five years to perfect the chip, and it will subsequently cut down on the size of the motherboard, power supply, as well as offering better heat management.

Microsoft also states that there won’t be any compatibility issues with older software. We have no information on an expected date or pricing, but will update when we know more. This may just be the perfect buy for all you gamers who have a Red Ringed Xbox and are thinking about getting another one for the new Halo 4 game coming out next year.

With Sony getting hacked over five times, and Nintendo producing consoles targeted towards small children, it becomes a choice of choosing the lesser evil.

Photo Courtesy of jungnam
Photo Courtesy of jungnam