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Airbus Demonstrates Concept Plane For Year 2050

Airbus has an awesome new concept plane that it hopes will be in wide-scale production and use by the year of 2050. While we can’t estimate ticket prices, we can give you a few clues on what we may see in the upcoming decades.

Following the form-factor of a bird’s flight, the new airplane (pictured top) will have a skeletal formation with many transparent windows (likely tinted) that will allow the plane to be much lighter, thus requiring much less fuel.

Passengers will be able to comfortably recharge themselves in seats that adjust to the passenger’s particular body shape. Rather than traditional fans above seats, vitamin and antioxidant enriched air will encircle the plane, allowing passengers to feel a bit more at ease.

The concept plane will be 100% recyclable, and use self-cleaning materials made from sustainable plant fibers, allowing for a reduction in waste and maintenance. The company currently boasts that 90% of its annual research goes towards green technology.

Passengers will also have the option of gaming through a holograph and there will be a “smart tech zone” for those who require silence to work.

Overall, it looks like we are headed towards a revolutionary future with technology and while exciting for many, the rapid growth may also be frightening to some.

Photo Courtesy of tgdaily
Photo Courtesy of schoschie