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ARRIS Unveils 4.5Gbps Cable Technology

The company, ARRIS is seeking to bring faster Internet connection speeds to homes around the world with its new 4.5Gbps cable technology. The new technology will overtake current fiber optic networks with its intense speed.

As of now, the new technology remains a proof-of-concept test, meaning this won’t make economic sense on a large scale, but it is a step towards the next level of the Internet. Also, as technologies are introduced into the market, companies utilize the new research and improve it, allowing for a good probability of having affordable 4.5Gbps speed in the future.

If manufacturers can take the ball and run with it, we will have 4.5Gbps download speeds and 575Mbps upload speeds through increased DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) cable channels for broadband.

With every new tid bit of research, we are able to stay abreast with the most modern research and can be ensured that technology will continue to evolve at extraordinarily fast rates. The only immediate problem I see is how our software will be able to adapt by the rapid movement of our hardware. This will require millions of dedicated software engineers to understand how to best utilize the new technology.

Photo Courtesy of steve
Photo Courtesy of sporkmaster