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Century Announces First 80+ Platinum PSU

Computer enthusiasts and environmental friendlies will be happy to hear that Century Japan has just released the first 80-Plus Platinum 500W Power Supply (pictured top), called the SF-500P14FG.

80 PLUS Platinum is the highest rating that a power supply can get, demonstrated true energy efficiency. The new power supply will be shipped late this month with the first batch only deliver 50 power supplies. We’re not sure what’s up with the limited quantity in the first batch, but hopefully there is a good reason behind it.

Instead of citing the confusing percentages and energy loads, I’ll just say that 80 PLUS Platinum is the most environmentally conscious PSU (power supply unit) one can buy. The next best is 80 Plus Gold, followed by 80 Plus Silver, 80 Plus Bronze, and simply 80 Plus.

The next batch of power supplies is expected to ship this August and will likely excite computer builders worldwide. Gamers will be able to game a lot more while using less power than before. The result will be a reduction in electricity costs, carbon emissions, and a better environment for all.

These “green” power supplies are usually quite expensive but you can definitely expect a price drop in the coming years as the technology becomes more available to the public and more widespread. Hang tight, gamers!

Photo Courtesy of akihabara
Photo Courtesy of klaus