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Next Generation Xbox Unveiled At E3 2012

According to VideoGamer, it looks like Microsoft is planning to unveil its all-new Xbox360 successor at next years E3 trade show. In fact, Crytek, has already begun creating a new TimeSplitters game for the new console.

No clue on what we can expect the specs to be but we do know that the next gen console will run on DirectX 11 (the same platform that the latest Windows 7 PCs run on). Both Microsoft and Crytek declined to comment on the issue, perhaps hoping to make it more of a surprise as the next E3 closes in.

I think it’s safe to expect at least a 1GB graphics card with GDDR5 RAM and a snappy processor. Hopefully there won’t be any issues with overheating this time around, and I can almost guarantee that consumers will be gobbling up warranties like no tomorrow when this console hits the shelves.

One can assume that an unveiling at the 2012 E3 would mean for a likely mid-2013 release, giving gamers almost two years to enjoy the current Xbox360 consoles, as well as the upcoming Xbox360 with the processor refresh.

As for me, my Xbox360 gave me a Red Ring of Death just a few weeks ago and I am contemplating whether I should wait two years for the next console or give Microsoft free money and buy another one of their machines. Decisions, decisions.

Photo Courtesy of auxo
Photo Courtesy of jeffH