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Google Introduces Image-Search, Voice Recognition, + Instant Pages

Google is introducing new features, engineered within mobile devices, such as voice and image search to its traditional Google search box. The company claimed that they will roll out a speech-recognition tool displayed as a microphone button on the right side of Google’s search box for a select number of visitors on Tuesday.

For now, it will only be available on Google’s Chrome Web Browser, a browser that claims 12.5% of the web browsing market share. The new speech recognition tool was programmed to take input both from standard English as well as varying accents to help create a platform for everyone to use.

The other cool feature that Google is rolling out is the image-search feature, allowing the computer to “see” a family vacation photo and determine where it was shot. The image-search recognition technology uses many Google proprietary algorithms to photos, although they don’t use any facial recognition algorithms.

The new system will allow Chrome users to drag and drop an image from their desktop into the search box, and Google’s image-recognition system will do the rest. The company expects to roll out the system within the next few weeks.

Along with the two new recognition systems, Google will also introduce something called Instant Pages, that sometimes loads the top search result before the user clicks on it, allowing for the page to “instantly load.” I assume that the program first checks the certificate of authenticity of the webpage before loading it, hence why we said, “sometimes.”

Photo Courtesy of robert
Photo Courtesy of CNN
Photo Courtesy of patrick