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Why The OK Button Is On The Right

According to The Atlantic, John Pavlus explains why the OK button is always on the right, and why the CANCEL button is always on the left. He argues that this design was built with human perception in mind. In essence, he believes that humans want to go over the wrong answer before selecting the correct answer. By going through these choices in this order (since we read from left to right), it is pretty much guaranteed that the user has read all the options before proceeding.

If the buttons were reversed, our eyes would quickly dart to the OK button and we would be able to proceed without reviewing the CANCEL button, which would be a bias to click OK. Although this makes sense from a logical standpoint, I believe this may be one of a number of factors that determined OK should be on the right side.

To add to Pavlus’ thinking, I believe we have the affirmative OK on the right side, because we associate OK with being correct, which is also right, and is on the right side. I feel that many of us are biased to the word “right” and the “right” side, simply because we connotate the right path with correctness. Before I confuse you any further, let us know what you think down below in the comments section, let’s hear your take.

Photo Courtesy of chrisin
Photo Courtesy of sam