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T-Mobile Offers 1 Year Supply Of Free Data

T-Mobile is gearing up for a special way to celebrate Father’s Day this year, and it’s a little cooler than a $25 gift card. The wireless carrier is offering a one year supply of free data as long as the customer signs up for the service by June 18th for a qualifying talk, text, and data plan.

Before you go, “Aw, shucks, I’m already WITH T-Mobile”, know that this deal also applies to existing customers who have 18 or more months of contract used up with T-Mobile. The new deal requires the consumer to purchase an unlimited talk and text plan, and in return will receive 200MB of free, high-speed data each month for one year.

Qualifying users will receive a $10 credit on their monthly bill towards the promotion. T-Mobile is well known for offering awesome promotions, I remember back in 2007 when the company offered 1,000 minutes for $39.99, while AT&T was charging $59.99 for 950 minutes.

With T-Mobile, you usually know you’re getting a good deal, and if you want more awesome promos like these in the future, you’ll contact your state senator and ask them to stand up against the AT&T acquisition.

In capital markets, more brands and services are actually better for consumers (like us) because it encourages competition, innovation, and lowers prices for the everyday consumer. Follow your heart, and back up T-Mobile!

Photo Courtesy of JohnK
Photo Courtesy of cafemama