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U.S. Invests In Smart Grid Tech + Security

According to eWeek, The United States government has recently came forth with a series of initiatives to implement information technology to the national power grid to make it “smarter”, more efficient, and secure. The council of National Science Technology outlined plans to create a smart grid innovation hub, in a report released yesterday called “Building the 21st Century Grid.”

The innovation hub will be composed of federal researchers, companies, and utility executives and will support research, development, and deployments of smart grid technology. With the new power grid, operators will be able to know when threats to the power grid occur and have new security tools and standards.

I find it very interesting that the report comes soon after the flurry of cyber attacks occurred against Sony, Nintendo and PBS, as well as the threat against the chairman of the Federal Reserve, yesterday. The Obama administration has so far invested $4.5 billion in recovery investments into smart grid projects and will add another $5.5 billion investment from private funds, bringing the total investment to $10 billion. Do you think the new power grids will effectively keep our nation secure?

Photo Courtesy of PNNL
Photo Courtesy of TpolyG