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More For Me, An Android Deal-Finder App

If you’ve got Android, you’re going to want to check out T-Mobile’s new app that was just released. All users can enjoy the app, regardless of wireless carrier, and it’s called More For Me. The application pulls the best daily deals from websites like Living Social and streamlines it to your custom interests and demographic.

The Groupon-style apps are quite hot these days, with people looking for the best bargains around town, especially in the recession we are in. T-Mobile is the first wireless carrier to offer such an app.

T-Mobile also plans on offering this application other operating systems such as Research In Motion and Windows Phone 7, but as for now, only Android users can rejoice. This may be a marketing technique on T-Mobile’s part to gain recognition and respect among consumers, and will likely prove effective if the AT&T merger does not go through.

If all this sounds interesting to you and you want to test drive the app, go ahead and march on over to the Android Market and learn more. If companies are going to compete in today’s economy, they better be well equipped with coupons, or I ain’t buying!

Photo Courtesy of frostwire
Photo Courtesy of johan