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Apple Feels Harassed By Samsung

Just days after Nokia was declared the victor in a lawsuit that Apple started, claiming that Nokia had infringed on some of its patents, Apple is still in a dead heat with Samsung. In this lawsuit, Apple is accusing Samsung of harassment in its request to see the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 prototypes.

Apple believes that Samsung is just trying to get them back for when Apple demanded to see Samsung’s products (upcoming Galaxy) for investigation. Apple further claims that it will not reveal its prototypes as these are key company secrets that cannot risk being leaked, or even copied.

Apple also claims that Samsung has no evidence to warrant seeing the future Apple prototypes and is merely “fishing around.” You know what I think? Apple is getting a taste of its own medicine, and are now experiencing what it’s like to call every other competitor a liar and a cheat.

Unfortunately for Apple, what goes around comes around, and they may want to think twice before they start pointing fingers at competitors. I will let a judge decide whether Samsung is indeed harassing Apple for pleasure or if the company truly believes Apple may have been guilty of infringement. We will see what the ruling becomes, but why can’t these manufacturers just learn to play nice?

Photo Courtesy of jgarber
Photo Courtesy of johnK