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High Tech Forceshoe Collects Data As You Walk

It looks like Nike may have found its successor to the Shox shoe, with the University of Twente’s Forceshoe. The “smartshoe” has a range of sensors that are attached to a computer clipped to the back of the wearer. The system measures all kinds of details on how a person is walking.

The technology is currently used to help recent stroke victims, many of whom are paralyzed on one side of their body or another. The forceshoe gives feedback on the walking rhythm, giving constant digital feedback, allowing the walker to adjust his or her feet to compensate.

Professor Peter Veltnik believes that the shoes could be used to also determine how much wear and tear a person puts on the shoe, and give feedback to their wearers on how to adjust walking or running patterns to put less strain on the shoe, thus making them last longer.

The University also hopes that the shoes can be used to help sports teams play better, and perhaps offer ways to minimize injury, as well as minimizing the chances of slipping. There is still much research to be done with the shoes, but it offers an interesting glimpse into what the future might hold for all of us. Who knows, people may refer to “normal” shoes as “manual shoes” in the future.

Photo Courtesy of walyou
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