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Perfect Entry Level Camera, The DXG-018

DXG has a new point and shoot 3D camera for only $69.99. The camera is called the DXG-018 and comes in five different colors to suit all types of personalities. The camera has two lenses for its 3D effects.

The image sensor is a 0.3M CMOS sensor and has an auto/ISO 100 sensitivity. The camera can also focus on objects as close as 6-inches and can save your photos to SD cards with up to 16GB of storage space. Now don’t get too excited just yet as the image resolution is only 1.3MP and lacks a rechargeable battery. With a couple of AAAs, the camera would make a great gift idea for any child, or perfect for that upcoming summer vacation.

The camera also comes with a 3D viewer (basically, a paper tube with two lenses). Users will also be able to print photos from the camera to a printer, or place them in the viewer with the silly 3D lens to see the effects. Again, this camera would make a perfect children’s gift but not exactly what you’d want to bring at your daughter’s graduation.

The camera also has a loop for consumers interested in attaching a LAN yard to it. Oh, and I would recommend picking up a pair of rechargeable AAA batteries if you plan on getting this shooter.

Photo Courtesy of slashgear
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