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SF Startup Copious Is A Social Marketplace

A San Francisco startup called Copious has built an online marketplace that allows all buyers and sellers to link their Facebook identities. The idea is to make the online marketplace feel safer and allowing buyers and sellers to see how many degrees of separation the other party is in their network.

The user will also be able to see if anyone in their networks has purchased, shared, or commented on an item from the seller. Not only can Facebook identities be linked, but also Twitter accounts and blogs too, giving you a fairly well drawn picture that you aren’t dealing with a Nigerian scammer.

The beta is being launched today, and the website will focus on selling handbags, and will open up more categories in the coming days. Copious has no listing fees but do take a 10% commission on each transaction. Fortunately, the discount launch price is only a 3.5% commission, to get the ball rolling on sales.

The company hopes that consumers and sellers will take advantage of the low commission price that Copious takes and begin selling right away. Once the marketplace begins to fill with listings, the company will have a better chance of improving and expanding its operations and who knows, maybe eBay will buy them in the future?

Photo Courtesy of gigaOM
Photo Courtesy of gigaOM