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ThinkPad + IdeaPad Tablets, On The Way

Lenovo’s president, Rory Read has officially announced in an interview that IdeaPad and ThinkPad (pictured bottom) tablets will hit markets later this year. Consumers can expect both tablets to rock 10″ screens, come with Android Honeycomb, and cost between $450 and….gulp….$900.

The IdeaPad K1 will ship out next month, with the professional-oriented ThinkPad tablet coming this August. I suppose IBM wanted to throw down two Windows 7 tablets before it was “too late” with Windows 8 expected to arrive next year.

The company’s president emphasized that IBM had a long delay in tablets because they wanted to get a robust design, and I assume they wanted to fix any shortfalls that occurred with other tablets as well.

Read stayed hush on its future smartphones, but insisted that netbooks were going extinct. I’d like to argue instead that convertibles (part netbook, part tablet) will take the place of netbooks, guaranteeing that consumers have a keyboard on hand, and a tablet when they need nothing else.

I can see how some may see tablets differently than when they very first hit the markets. Tablets used to be mainly for drawing and designing things, and now you can have virtually any productivity app on the tablet that will function similar to a computer application.

Photo Courtesy of lucby
Photo Courtesy of macNN