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Toshiba’s REGZA 19P2 W/ Internal Battery

Toshiba has just released a new TV in Japan called the REGZA 19P2 TV with internal battery in Japan this week. The TV starts at 50,000 Yen (About $620 USD) and carries a 19″ screen measuring out to 1366 x 768 pixels.

The LCD TV’s core feature is its removable internal battery that is able to deliver 5 hours of continuous play time and comes with a 1Seg Digital TV Tuner allowing consumers to freely move the television from room to room, rather than buying a separate TV set for each room.

Toshiba’s new TV includes a “Peak Shift” button on the 19P2 remote control that allows users to easily switch the TV from AC to Battery mode, and you can purchase additional batteries at 7,000 Yen each (About $85 USD).

The 19P2 model will be available this summer in Japan, and the LED backlit screen, with 1000:1 contrast ratio is sure to be a crowd pleaser. With one HDMI port and a D4 Japanese input, it has all the bare essentials to get consumers up and running.

No word yet on whether these TVs will ship to us in the States but I am willing to bet that we’ll see something similar in the coming months. What do you guys think about this guy, is this a convenient idea or what?

Photo Courtesy of akihabara
Photo Courtesy of akihabara