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Verizon On The Horizon: 19 More Cities Get LTE

Verizon Wireless has just announced that it will be adding 19 more cities to its blazing fast, LTE wireless network. The rollout begins on Thursday and will bring happiness to many Verizon Wireless customers looking to get faster data times with their usage.

In addition to the increased coverage, previously covered cities such as San Francisco and Detroit will get expanded coverage. This means that if you live in the outskirts of San Francisco and were just out of reach of LTE before, you should be golden soon.

The new cities include a number of state capitals; Sacramento, Calif., Hartford, Conn., Boise, Idaho, Harrisburg, Pa., Indianapolis, Ind., Salt Lake City (with Ogden), Utah; and Madison (with Milwaukee), Wis. The full list of cities is on Verizon’s website.

Sprint also plans on rolling out LTE service nationwide, most likely in efforts to get ready for new LTE-enabled phones. T-Mobile still remains one of the most desired networks for fast coverage, but with Verizon’s growth, we will see how long T-Mobile can hold first place. For comparison, LTE is roughly 10x faster than the 3G network, offering high-quality video streaming, faster downloads, and an overall, much more enjoyable mobile experience. Here are some commercials on Verizon’s 4G.

Photo Courtesy of ian
Photo Courtesy of eliu