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App Turns Boring Exercise Into A Fun Game

There’s a new fitness app on the market from the developer, Fit Brains, that hopes to get people back into their healthy routines by turning a regular walking exercise into a fun social game. The app is called Arookoo and it helps motivate iPhone and iPod Touch users to take regular walks by sending them on challenges with rewards for certain achievements (by increasing the number of steps per day).

If you needed to tap into that extra Dopamine supply in order to get your daily exercise, this may just be the ticket.

Users can take part in activities such as GPS map-based “scavenger hunts” or daily team challenges with friends to make walks a more fun-filled experience.

There is also an enhanced health tracker that provides features such as “snack burner”, allowing users to choose a food and have the app tell them when they’ve walked enough to burn it off. You can get it today for free, or pay an additional $3 to get a detailed health tracking feature that says calories burned and distance walked. Hopefully this awesome app will come with Android support in the near future, I mean, why do Apple users get a healthier lifestyle while Droid gets fatter and fatter?

Photo Courtesy of mzstatic
Photo Courtesy of mzstatic