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Comcast CEO Shows Off 1Gbps Internet Speeds

Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast, has recently shown off the next-generation cable broadband technology. The new broadband would deliver speeds over 1Gbps to homes. As you can see in the video below, Roberts demonstrates himself downloading 23 episodes of the TV show, 30 Rock in just under two minutes.

Comcast boasted that it is the largest broadband provider in the United States and that the company has big plans for the future. Currently, the technology was only tested on an eleven mile cable network, but it proves the potential of the company as they expand coverage throughout.

Comcast does have a reputation of having dicey Internet, but the company does offer fast Internet speeds, even though it spontaneously disconnects from time to time. Now, typical connections do not usually exceed 12Mbps, so 1Gbps (1000Mbps) is a rather significant step up in technology.

With speeds like this, gaming won’t be improved too much. Lag-free gaming usually caps out at 15Mbps and any connection faster than that won’t do you much good, however HD streaming will be instantaneous with this new technology (provided that the Internet doesn’t disconnect), and downloads, as is shown, will be razor fast.

I do have to say though, unless you plan on downloading seasons and seasons of episodes and movies, there is really no purpose in having such fast Internet. I’ve said it once before, there’s no need in buying a Lamborghini if you’re going to drive the 15mph posted speed limit to the post office. In any case, see the video below for a demonstration.

Photo Courtesy of TheCableShow
Photo Courtesy of trustme
Photo Courtesy of julian