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France Seeks To Censor The Internet

It was only a few weeks ago when President Sarkozy of France states at the e-G8 conference that he wanted to start regulating the Internet much more seriously, and it looks like he isn’t wasting very much time at all. There is a presidential order in France that has just been sent, giving the French government a wide range of options to censor the Internet throughout France.

Interestingly, you wouldn’t expect a democratic country like France to take steps to be more like China, but go figure. It definitely makes you think that France is trying to cover up some shady business, and will sure make conspiracy theorists give them a run for their thoughts.

The French government is proposing to give several of its ministries the power to order censorship of online content for the “protection of minors, public health, national defense, or persons.” Okay, so who/what is Sarkozy trying to cover up? Websites like WikiLeaks or individual persons?

At this point we are left to speculate, but you really wonder if France is doing it for the sake of its nation and people or for personal reasons. There is no doubt corruption anywhere you go, but you always question the degree of corruption in any particular place.

Photo Courtesy of Bahrain
Photo Courtesy of toms