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Intel 710 + 720 SSDs Get Leaked

We have just got word of the leaked enterprise solid state drives from Intel. The Intel 710 “Lyndonville” and the Intel 720 “Ramsdale” are now in the spotlight. The 710 has 25nm HET MLC, a more durable form of MLC (multi-level cell). The 710 comes in a number of capacities, 100GB, 200GB, and 300GB, claiming to have read and write speeds of 270MB/s over 210MB/s, running on a solid 3Gbps SATA connection.

The 720 comes on 34nm SLC (single-level cell) chips, and comprises a 200GB and 400GB capacity. The speeds it carries are read/write of up to 2200MB/s over 1800MB/s, which may be a typo from the leaked roadmap or the majority of solid-state drives will drastically go down in price.

The drives will launch in the third quarter of this year, and if the specs hold true, the drives will sure cost a pretty penny. Assuming the specs are indeed accurate, Intel will destroy all competitors at the release, and will claim the number one title for a good while.

If an extra zero was “mistakingly” tacked on the read/write speeds of the Intel 720, well then, these will still be SOLID SSDs, but will not be that much better than other brands.

Photo Courtesy of gilly
Photo Courtesy of engadget