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Nintendo: 73% Of Gamers Use Our Stuff

An internal study done by Nintendo claims that 73% of US gamers prefer to use Nintendo products over other gaming consoles. Before you go, “Hey, wait a second…”, the large percentage includes 43% of players who play exclusively on its products and another 30% who play on Nintendo as well as other consoles.

If these statistics are supposed to make me by a console, better luck next time, Nintendo. Another thing I would like to see back up those percentages would be a sample group, who exactly was surveyed, etc. If the sample group was only 100 people, then the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

Some analysts claim the Wii U appears to be 50% more powerful than PS3 and Xbox360. This would mean that the Wii U would have at least 768MB of video memory, and that has not yet been confirmed by Nintendo officially.

But really, even if these were solid statistics, would it make you go “Oh shoot, I better go out and get a Nintendo system now”? No, I don’t think so. I believe gamers already know what they want. People game on Xbox360 and PS3 for the graphics and the awesome first-person shooters and M-rated games.

Photo Courtesy of JohnK
Photo Courtesy of keoshi