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Run Android From Your Computer

If you’ve ever wanted to bring your Android phone experience to your PC, or even if you’ve always wanted to play with Android but didn’t want to sign up to a two year contract, now’s the time. There’s a desktop application called Live Android.

Live Android is an open-source project that allows consumers to boot Android on any x86-based machine. The software was designed to load from a CD, but you can also use a flash drive to boot Android from the PC.

If you’re really technical, you could also use a virtualization application and boot Android without any CD or portable storage media. Here’s what you’ll need to do to install from either CD or USB. Big thanks to IntoMobile for this How To.

Live CD:
Download these two files: liveandroidv0.2.iso.001 and liveandroidv0.2.iso.002.
Use HJSplit to join them
Check md5sum with this app:
liveandroidv0.2.iso MD5: 03852bce8cb26aba21d147153c1fb120
And you’re ready to burn your Android boot CD with an app like Nero or Magic ISO.

Live USB:
Download these two files: liveandroidv0.2usb.iso.001 and liveandroidv0.2usb.iso.002.
Use HJSplit to join them
Check md5sum:
liveandroidv0.2usb.iso MD5: 15e39e524e15a407185ade97ba648df6
Now you can create a LiveUSB with an app like UNetbootin.
Note: All of the files mentioned above can be downloaded from here.

Photo Courtesy of Robinz
Photo Courtesy of ispachi