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Test Your BAC From Your Watch

The new breathalyzer from Tokyo Flash, allows you to simply blow in your watch to get a Blood Alcohol Content rating before you decide to “just drive home.” Now, the real trick will be knowing when to use it and not to forget that you have a breathalyzer on the watch.

I am hoping that people won’t use it too late, such as right after getting pulled over, but hopefully the provided instruction manual can drop a few clues. The watch has a weird binary looking way of telling time, which will take some getting used to.

Also, there is no guarantee of how accurate the watch can determine your BAC compared to a police breathalyzer, so don’t think of this watch as a fail-proof measure before you decide to start the engine.

I think it is a clever idea and can give people a rough idea of “where they are at” in terms of ability to drive. Like I said before, the real trick will be knowing when and how to use it. Since alcohol impairs judgment, there won’t be much use in having this on your wrist if you’re just going to say, “Ah, I’d probably pass it, no need to even bother taking it.”

Photo Courtesy of ubergizmo
Photo Courtesy of florrie