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Andy Pad Gingerbread Tablet Hitting UK In Sept.

A UK based tablet, called the Andy Pad, promises the highest quality in tablets and offers customers the thrills of owning an Android device. Android tablets can play 3D games and output HD video, offering consumers the highest quality experience.

The touchpad is coming a couple of months, and is priced at 129 pounds. The company claims that the tablet is aimed at teens and younger children, although it remains a mystery, as to why.

Users will run the Android 2.3, Gingerbread operating system on a 1.2GHz A8 with a powerful 3D graphics processing unit. For about $300 US, users will get a 7″ display, 8GB of storage, 256MB of memory, haptic feedback, WiFi without 3G and a single front-facing camera.

The tablet supports 1080p HDMI out video, a mini SD card reader and support for micro USB. The apps to be included are Angry Birds, BC News and Paradise Island, straight out of the box. This definitely looks like a solid tablet for younger adults and children, and if you look at the specs it makes sense why a business professional would search for something else.

I think that the company wanted to differentiate their tablets from an iPad 2, which is aimed more towards adults with a larger screen, nicer build materials, and a nice screen. If you are based in the UK, and want to get your children started with technology, give this tablet a go.

Photo Courtesy of FHKE