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New Dutch Coin Can Be Scanned

The Royal Dutch Mint has just produced a limited edition of QR coded coins to celebrate the 100th (centennial) anniversary of the Mint in Utrecht. The silver coin is worth 5 euros and the gold coin is worth 10 euros. Both coins will be issued this month, on June 22nd.

What makes these coins unique is that you can scan the code that is found on the back of each coin. Supposedly the code will provide information on where the coin was manufactured, and the scan currently points to this site.

The coin itself looks absolutely beautiful, as shown in the top photo. The larger of the two coins measures in at 33mm in diameter, making it nearly as thin as your average coin. The only real question is whether the government can keep production costs low enough for the coin to make it a sensible implementation.

Also, I doubt they will have scannable coins for less amounts, as they would lose money. What do you guys think about these coins? Isn’t cool how each will have a piece of history that won’t require an appraiser to determine its value?

Photo Courtesy of 2D-Code
Photo Courtesy of dpstyles