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ISP, Virgin Media, Warns Customers Of SpyEye Trojan

The ISP (Internet Service Provider), Virgin Media has warned over 1,500 of its customers that their PCs have been infected with a malicious virus that steals bank login information. The trojan is called the SpyEye trojan and is well known for its destruction.

Virgin claims that they have not been monitoring their users’ activity but instead received a tip-off from UK police and later discovered infections while researching criminal botnets. A botnet is a group of infected computers that work in conjunction to continue distributing malware across the web. Some computer owners aren’t even aware that their computers are infected and act as part of the botnet.

The ISP has since offered advice on how to remove the malware and offered to remotely find and fix problems by having its users sign up for a service. The company maintains that the number of infected computers (1,500) is relatively small compared to their four million customers they have, total.

SpyEye first appeared in 2010 and has continued to spread through infected websites ever since. If you connect with Virgin Media, I would recommend combing over your bank statements to make sure everything looks good.

Photo Courtesy of kai
Photo Courtesy of publicenergy