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Mac OS X Developer Preview Update, Available

Apple has recently released another software update under the name Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview. The update is suggested for all users currently running Developer Preview 4 and represents the first update to the software platform, interestingly, not referred to as Developer Preview 5.

The update will focus on bug fixes, and will include a restyled login screen, displaying the Apple logo over the linen-looking wallpaper that has previously been seen on Lion. The version of the login screen was briefly shown at WWDC 2011 when Phil Schiller logged into OS X.

Apple is moving closer and closer to the scheduled release in July of OS X Lion, and the new operating system will still cost you only $29.99 and will be available for purchase through the Mac App Store.

Shoot, for $30, will you even think twice about spending $200-$400 for a Windows operating system? With the money saved on an Apple operating system, you can use the savings towards purchasing Mac productivity applications.

Are you guys excited for Lion’s release? The operating system is touted to have over 300 new features. Let us know some of your thoughts on our fan page @ www.facebook.com/techmento and give us some feedback. In the meantime, take a look at the elephant photo, it’s actually one of the awesome new OS X Lion wallpapers. Have a great Friday, folks. The video below represents a sneak peak of the Developer Preview, without the commentary.

Photo Courtesy of RealityPod
Photo Courtesy of halil