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Motorola Announces Milestone 3 (Droid 3) For China

Motorola has just announced its new Milestone 3 cellphone will be paired with China’s wireless carrier, Telecom. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the paces, the Milestone 3 is the latest version of the smartphone known as the Droid 3 over here in America.

Unfortunately for those in the United Kingdom, they’ll have to look towards other cellphone manufacturers when it comes to getting a new phone as the Droid 3 will not be making a debut in the UK.

The Chinese version of the smartphone will operate on China’s Telecom eSurfing 3G network and promises to break new records for speed and performance. The device will hit shelves in the third quarter and feature Android Gingerbread, running smoothly on a dual-core processor.

The 4″ qHD unit supports 24-bit color. The QWERTY keyboard has an integrated numeric keyboard, bypassing the need to hit the ALT button when you need to punch out a few numbers. With an 8MP rear facing camera, taking snaps is a breeze, and 16GB of internal storage allows you to store a large number of photos.

Photo Courtesy of SlashGear
Photo Courtesy of SlashGear