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Obama’s Chief Information Officer Steps Down

Vivek Kundra, the first person ever appointed as Chief Information Officer by a president has just put in his resignation. Kundra will be leaving the Obama administration in August, and although President Obama has stated that he will replace Kundra, we do not have a list of potential contenders.

During his three year stay, Kundra’s job was to improve communications between the American people, expand the adoption of cloud-based systems (seems to have worked), and oversee the government’s technical operations as a monetary and security watchdog.

Kundra managed an $80 billion IT budget over the past few years and unfortunately didn’t make good on a lot of his promises early on. Some think that Obama asked him to resign, but there is no way of knowing what really went on behind the scenes.

Jack Lew, the director of the Office of Management and Budget was the one to spill the beans on the resignation. Obama hopes to replace Kundra with someone more experienced in managing technology in the public sector, rather than private, and the move can be seen as a strong judgment decision on Obama’s behalf to ensure the administration has the best team possible.

Photo Courtesy of personaldemocracy
Photo Courtesy of NASA