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Virgin Airlines Drops $1.4B On Fuel-Efficient Engines

Modern day aircrafts currently run on fossil fuels that both pollute the environment, and are a limited natural resource (AKA, it cannot be recreated or made). Thankfully, Virgin Airlines is stepping up to the plate by spending $1.4 billion on ultra fuel-efficient engines.

Rather than adopting biofuel technology, which is still at an infant age, Virgin Airlines is instead investing in ultra fuel-efficient aircraft. The engines are designed by CFM International and are touted to save $1.6 million in fuel costs each year, per plane.

In terms of green friendliness, the engines work hard by cutting down carbon emissions by 15%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 50%, and give each airplane 400 additional miles of distance to cover. The engine noise will also be cut by 15 decibels.

I am pleased with this upgrade and I feel that any upgrade is good, no matter how small. We need to start working on saving our planet, immediately. The engines will go into effect by year 2016 as all planes are upgraded, but will save trillions of pounds of harmful emissions in their lifetimes. Hopefully biofuel technology is perfected as a science by that time, as well.

Photo Courtesy of arcticpenguin
Photo Courtesy of sawa