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Woman Hires Hitman On Facebook, Makes Wall Posts

Thankfully, there are places like Facebook where anything posted on a wall or someone else’s wall can be easily seen by other people. It is social networks like these that cause dimmer bulbs to get caught, avoiding potential tragedies as the one in this story.

NZHerald reports, that a woman named London Eley had a heated argument with her child’s father, Corey White. Eley, who is 20 years old, offered $1,000 on Facebook to anyone who would kill White. Someone responded named Tim Bynum, 18 years old, from Pennsylvania.

Eley then told the hitman what her child’s father looked like. Thankfully, one of White’s relatives saw the details on the social media platform and alerted White immediately. Police intervened and stopped the payment from being made.

Police also found a loaded .22 caliber handgun in Bynum’s house and charged Bynum for gun violations, attempted murder, conspiracy, and related offenses. Eley was also arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Thanks to Facebook and a few unwitting suspects, detectives were able to prevent a possible homicide. The next time you hear someone complain about lack of privacy on Facebook, point ’em over to this article. Check out our Facebook fan page and drop us a few comments!

Photo Courtesy of scott
Photo Courtesy of qgil