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Firefox 5 Arrives Ahead Of Schedule

Even though I am personally not a fan of the Firefox browser (the 32-bit version crashes a lot on my 64-bit OS), Firefox 5 is now available for download, three days prior to its initial June 21st release. The version ready for download is considered stable, and users can download it for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Believe it or not, development on the next version of Firefox, Firefox 6, is currently in alpha testing (the phase before beta testing) and will probably hit sometime by the end of this summer. Now what about for all you 64-bit operating systems with over 3GB of system RAM? Well, you’re still stuck with using 32-bit browsers since Adobe has not yet released a stable version of Flash for 64-bit.

32-bit Chrome plays nicely with my 64-bit operating system but like I said before, the 32-bit Firefox (versions 3 and 4) caused about 3-5 crashes per week, something I couldn’t live with. Fortunately for Google, I’ve switched to Chrome and have never looked back.

Head on over to our fan page @ www.facebook.com/techmento and let us know what your experiences have been with Mozilla Firefox, or any browser for that matter. Now’s the time to let out all your computer frustrations!

Photo Courtesy of tb
Photo Courtesy of Pavel