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Panasonic Introduces Rugged Toughbook Tablet

Panasonic is adding a tablet to its Toughbook series, a 10.1″ XGA daylight-viewable tablet, to be specific. The tablet will fit a perfect hole in the tablet realm as it is the first and only rugged enterprise tablet designed with enhanced security, functionality, and with reliability, in mind.

The 3G tablet has a built-in GPS feature and offers mobile broadband connectivity, giving you full access to the apps you want and need when you’re computing on the run. Panasonic has kept hush on pricing thus far, but you can expect the tablet to be about $100 over the average price of tablets, being that it is rugged.

I’d guess Panasonic to price this Toughbook tablet around $600 for the base model, and while we don’t know which version of Android it runs, I have a feeling ice cream sandwich may be in the mix.

Panasonic is generally a reliable electronics name brand although I have never purchased a Panasonic computer, I have owned a number of Panasonic products, from TVs to other portable electronics. I can also envision the rugged tablet being ideal for those road warriors or even people who want to ditch all the paper work on their normal job. We’ll see what Panasonic has in-store for us when they release this tablet later this year.

Photo Courtesy of techiser
Photo Courtesy of techiser