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Xbox Live Hacked- 60,000+ Accounts Leaked

The name you all should know by now, LulzSec, has just hacked Xbox Live and has exposed over 60,000 Xbox Live gamertags, passwords, and even PayPal information. The information was taken down from forums multiple times, but it keeps getting posted.

If you use Xbox Live or Paypal, I recommend changing your password on both platforms, as well as your bank account, immediately. World Of Warcraft usernames and passwords were also stolen.

If LulzSec was really hacking these companies for the sake of exposing security flaws, fine, I can accept that line of reasoning. But release thousands of personal information, allowing for Identity fraud and leaking credit card information? That is placing harm on innocent individuals, and makes no sense what so ever.

How are you sticking it to the “man” when you’re harming regular citizens who have no ties to big business? Of course, Microsoft has turned the other cheek and claim that there is no evidence of a hack, but who are you going to believe?

Also, do not that names were probably leaked as well, so I highly recommend changing the password on every single account that shares your Xbox Live, PayPal, or Bank password, just to be safe. It’s always better to take extra measures of prevention than to deal with the headaches that come from identity theft.

Photo Courtesy of chippermist
Photo Courtesy of seand

  • Shaun

    I have just been hacked having been on Xbox live for over four years and no I havn’t given anyone my user name or password not happy.

  • Ac

    same here, 3 purchases were made on my account this weekend…

  • Tony

    me also. was hacked at the end of august – 3 purchases of miscrosoft points.

  • Billy ho

    Fail article even 3 months later. Xbox Live was never hacked (already proved), data was gotten from other sources and NOT Xbox Live. Some accounts had information linking their Xbox Live information with same information that was stolen. 

    Stop calling social engineering hacking. Different all together. If you are dumb enough to share your information with someone or link it non-securely to anything else then it is a fail. And DON’T use the same password for ALL your services. The majority of information gathered was due to people using the same password for multiple login applications. Once their e-mail was hacked then the world was over for them as ALL their e-mails and contact information was stolen.

  • BT

    my friends has just been hacked today, i can see them on right now on a game he does not even have! they buying points and ugrades for games.

  • Charlyparly

    We’ve had a similar problem. 
    Got an email from my husband this morning to say he’d been billed for
    two separate transactions for 6000 Microsoft Points in total.

    My husband got a nice email at 5.00am with confirmation of a
    purchase for 6000 points on my son’s account.  Xbox Live account
    temporarily suspended pending investigation = 1 unhappy son 🙁 

  • Neil

    My account was definitely hacked last night (2nd October 2011). I attempted to login to XBL as usual only to be told that my account information was incorrect and/or I needed to recover my gamertag. I immediately logged in to windows live and discovered that some **** had been playing FIFA 2012 under my gamertag that evening – a game I do not own and have absolutely zero interest in. I recovered my gamertag, changed my password and then noticed that my Microsoft points had vanished. Checked my email and received one from Microsoft confirming a purchase of 6000 points (£51) earlier in the evening, which had already been spent along with the points I already had – I’m a coder/designer by trade and I’m pretty computer savvy, so I’m 100% sure that my details have not been put out there by me and made available to obvious abuse – Either XBL or an affiliated partner has/is being hacked. I’m about to call Microsoft and my bank now to get this sorted which I’m sure is going to be non-stop laughs and constant giggles!…

  • Anon

    “How are you sticking it to the “man” when you’re harming regular citizens who have no ties to big business”……………….If you put the security of big business in doubt you are sticking it to the “man” dumbass

  • Thumper235

    I guess im late to post. But after having my account BEFORE 360 came around it was finally compromised back in December. Also, fifa 12 or 11 (not sure which) was what my points were spent on.

  • Cookshaun

    what prison his new home