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United Airlines Suffers Massive Computer Outage

Friday night caused mayhem for man, as United Airlines passengers were left stranded due to a computer outage that had lasted a number of hours. Although technology is often a blessing, it can also be a curse.

The power came back as of 12:35 AM PST on Friday as the airline tweeted a message, confirming so. At the United terminal in San Francisco Airport, over a thousand people were standing around as the lines slowly started to move. I can only hope that there were no crying children in the mix.

A man named Ed Costa who was 62 years old and diabetic had waited in line for almost seven hours. Costa questioned why the airline didn’t have a backup system. Thanks to the use of social media, United was able to use Twitter to inform people about the outage although failed to give the cause of the power failure.

The company has still yet to explain what had happened for thecomputer meltdown, but I am sure the airline will give a full briefing come Monday morning. Until then, fly safe folks, and lots of luck if you have a flight coming up soon!

Photo Courtesy of j3net
Photo Courtesy of lsquid