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Do You Have Facebook Fatigue?

Are you addicted to Facebook? So much so that you’re sick of the social media platform? We’ve recently covered the falling numbers with Facebook, but we haven’t exactly figured out why people are closing their accounts.

Although Facebook believes it’s a seasonal change, I argued that it didn’t make sense for students to close their Facebook accounts when they’d (on average) have more time on their hands, now that school is out.

This leaves us to assume that people are just getting tired of Facebook. With any addiction, one can easily get burned out on the substance of abuse, in this case- social media.

Is it that people are getting tired of letting all their connections know every little update about themselves or do people miss living private lives? More importantly, what can Facebook do to mix things up, besides adding a few new games to the mix?

Is Facebook going through the same phase Myspace went through? Becoming extremely popular and trendy before slowing to a complete halt? If this is the simple fate of all social media platforms and an example that everything has a lifecycle, from product to service, then maybe we are waiting for the next big social media platform to rise, and for Facebook to fall. Visit our fan page at facebook.com/techmento and let us know what you think.

Photo Courtesy of Zeinab
Photo Courtesy of birger