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A Facebook Music Dashboard On The Way?

There are rumors that Facebook is working on a music “dashboard”, a tab in the home page that allows for music streaming services. Although I don’t know how this will fare against signing directly into Pandora, I do have to commend the social media platform for finding another way to keep users tuned in.

The music will be available in the aforementioned tab on the left-hand side of Facebook’s home page, leading to music-streaming services such as Spotify.

If the integration was successful, users would be able to pause and play the music they were listening to, as well as constantly see the title of the song and the artist as they browse their friends’ latest photo uploads.

Although I don’t see this integration as anything too revolutionary (I just switch back to my Pandora tab when I hear something good come on the radio), I do think this is a neat little feature giving users a one-stop shop to entertainment.

I mean, just imagine if you were playing a Facebook game, had access to your notifications, as well as having constant eyes on whatever was playing on the radio? Could this be Facebook’s saving grace?

The social integration would also allow users to see what their friends are listening to, recommend songs, and make yourself even more transparent than before on the largest social media network.

Photo Courtesy of echo
Photo Courtesy of eston