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Hulu Gives In To Apple’s Demands

Hulu recently modified its login screen for its Hulu Plus platform for Apple’s iOS. If you don’t see much of a difference in the modification, you’re right. Hulu simply took off the URL that linked back to their site to non-users who may be interested in signing up for Hulu Plus.

In essence, Apple doesn’t want people linking back to other sites, and from my guess, buying or using another product or service. By doing this, Apple is able to keep users in their own little bubbles-especially Mac users who are not too savvy and aren’t comfortable using Google (it’s okay, not everyone is).

CEO Steve Jobs probably believes that if users are really interested in signing up for Hulu Plus, they can simply google it, sign up for it, and use the iOS application, and Hulu probably thinks the same, thus it was removed.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard about Hulu Plus, it is an application that lets you enjoy your favorite Hulu programs via web streaming to your awesome new tablet or phone. The service costs $8 a month and is identical to what you get on a desktop.

There are ways to root some tablets, to let Hulu.com think it is running on a desktop, but do note that rooting your tablet will void your warranty, so root with caution. Back to topic, do you think Jobs is reasonable in his demands to remove all other advertising from Apple platforms? Let us know your thoughts at facebook.com/techmento.

Photo Courtesy of allthingsd
Photo Courtesy of allthingsd