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ICANN Approves Unlimited Top Level Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has recently voted overwhelmingly to approve unlimited TLD (top level domains). Whereas people used to only have a select number of domain options (.biz, .org, .com, or .net)–users will now be able to choose any domain they want.

Although many were originally concerned that this new change would confuse users, that worry has apparently been set aside. At the present time, I cannot envision too many people adoption a facebook.facebook approach, but I could see various creative ways to market a website.

Not to mention that with unlimited domains, you won’t have to worry about .com domains running out anytime, ever. This would also give people (who’s domains have been “taken” by others) the opportunity of choosing their favorite domain [dot] their favorite product.

Yes, of course it will be strange to visit a URL called bob.apple, but we will just have to see how users play with this new nomenclature, or if they play at all. Perhaps I forgot to mention that the application fee will cost $185,000 with an annual $25,000 fee. I predict that people will stick to “.com” domains, at least for a good number of years before this unlimited domain thing catches on, especially when you consider the outrageous pricing.

Besides, even if someone could afford it, I just don’t think enough people have a solid grasping of computers nor the Internet for these unique domains to become popular, and more importantly, easy to understand.

Photo Courtesy of walleed
Photo Courtesy of thePlanet