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Leaked Photos: Nokia N9- Coming Soon!

Nokia is jet set to launch the 11th Nokia Connection event in Singapore tomorrow. The company is expected to reveal the highly anticipated Nokia N9 at the conference. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Finnish phone manufacturers lineup, the N9 is the successor of the well known Nokia N900 smartphone.

The handset will run the MeeGo operating system (phew), leaving those dreading Symbian, jumping for joy. Thanks to Pocketnow, we have a few leaked photos (as shown on the left), and this phone looks thinner than you’d ever expect!

The handset rocks a brilliant 4″ display with a 12MP camera for high-quality photo shooting. The phone is available in Pink, Blue, and Dark Grey and will first hit Asian markets before coming to the U.S.

We are unsure of expected U.S. release date or pricing, but with a phone looking this good, you can expect an upwards price of $600.

Follow us on Twitter (@techmento) or through Facebook (facebook.com/techmento) and let us know if this Nokia is the next phone for you! After all, the company was nice enough NOT to include the Symbian operating system! See the video for more leaked photos!

Photo Courtesy of techiebuzz
Photo Courtesy of techiebuzz